Our Approach

At Nurses International we firmly believe that nurses have a key role to play in bringing redemption to the suffering communities of the world. In the developing world it can be challenging to resource qualified faculty for nursing programs. This makes it difficult for nurses to learn what they need to do in order to practice to their potential. To meet this need Nurses International is providing distance learning opportunities, connecting highly qualified faculty with students who want to make a difference. For maximum impact we are making our content available for free. This means that any student or institution will be able to access our resources. Our courses are developed by fully credentialed educators, and will be available as they are created.


In addition to free nursing resources for learning institutions and individual students around the world, we work with our strategic partners to add nursing programs to their existing academic offerings. These programs will deliver a complete curriculum including science and skills lab, clinical practice, and internships in addition to a community classroom experience. Through an innovative curriculum our nurses receive a strong healthcare education and are provided with necessary tools, knowledge, and relationships to operate nurse-led clinics, act as primary healthcare providers, and lead holistic and positive change in the suffering communities that they will serve.


Healthcare providers in the developing world experience discouragement when their health initiatives meet insurmountable road blocks. Their fight against parasites, diarrhea, and malnutrition cannot succeed without clean water and nourishing food. Beyond a typical nursing program our curriculum exposes students to practical instruction in community development. Our classes emphasize the types of community development that are directly related to health outcomes. Each development class includes case studies and real life field experience with organizations that are addressing issues such as water harvesting, sustainable agriculture, disaster management, public health education, and more. Through these classes and internships nurses develop the understanding, ability, and networks to improve the health of their communities by addressing basic healthcare needs in practical and sustainable ways. To do this each nurse needs a robust network of support. We provide each student who registers for one of our classes with the opportunity for spiritual mentoring and one-on-one academic tutoring. We gather networks of mentors, transformational development practitioners, microenterprise experts, and faith leaders to provide support to our students and graduates and in turn their communities.


Our programs are rooted in a strong belief that nurses can bring shalom to suffering places in the world. Our nurses will be trained to effectively confront the physical challenges of the communities they serve while demonstrating the fullness of their faith in the relationships developed in their communities.


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