Our Mission

Mission: Train nurses who can change the world through meeting basic healthcare needs: facilitating clean water projects, modeling and teaching nutrition-based agriculture, and providing healthcare instruction to community members, especially moms and grandmas.

Method: Train nurses and community educators using a hybrid format, provide a network and ongoing support for nurses and their communities, provide consultations regarding implementation of sustainable practices

Motive: LOVE GOD. LOVE PEOPLE. Fulfilling "The Greatest Commandant" is the joyous result of the Christ life growing within. May that new life continue its transforming work at Nurses International.

Motto: (Learn) Listen. Serve. Share. At Nurses International we want to empower individuals to impact their families and communities with knowledge and tools that improve health while enabling them to share Christ's love with others. How can we go about such a big job? It starts with listening. To be most effective we must listen to those we would help, and we must listen to God. Before we can serve others, before we can share, we first must listen. Part of this listening includes receiving the stories of others and acknowledging the gifts they have and the ways they can contribute.

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