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What does Nurses International do?


We provide courses that prepare BSN and MSN nurses in universities and other learning institutions in the developing world.  Many of these learning institutions have gaps in their curriculum. It is the goal of Nurses International to fill these gaps.

On request, we send consultants to institutions in need around the world to assess their strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations for improvement.

In addition, we work with seminaries and Christian Colleges who desire to add a nursing program to their existing offerings. These seminaries and Christian Colleges become our strategic partners.

When working with strategic partners we send in teams of nurse faculty to teach the clinical components of the curriculum and to teach national nurses techniques and strategies for clinical instruction.

How do students use Nurses International’s materials?


Students meet in classrooms with a proctor who is a university prepared nurse with a BSN or MSN. The students watch and listen to the lecture, complete activities, work through case studies, and take tests and quizzes. The proctor and the clinical instructors teach the hands-on skills in the nursing laboratory.

Individual students may also use our courses to supplement their education, but individual students should keep in mind that our curriculum is intended for a classroom environment with peer interaction, so it cannot substitute for enrolling in a local nursing program. Individual students in developing countries who register for our courses are asked to pay a reasonable fee based on need, but not exceeding the cost of the per user fee that allows access to the materials $20 USD.

Is Nurses International accredited?


Each program is accredited through the institution and governing bodies of the location in which it resides. Nurses International meets or exceeds accreditation criteria in all countries in which it operates so that institutions who use NI materials may be accredited or keep their existing accreditation.

Who developed the Nurses International curriculum?


Our nursing leadership developed the curriculum and then asked nursed experts around the world to review it.  Classes will be altered or added based on the needs of each partner. Our current curriculum has been developed with a global view in mind but contextualized to the needs of our strategic partners in the Great Lakes Region of Africa.

Who can use Nurses International’s materials?


ANY institution with an existing nursing program who demonstrates a need is welcome to use our online materials. Depending on the need Nurses International may also provide a consultant and the technology necessary to deliver the classes. Institutions that use our materials may do so regardless of their religious or non-religious affiliation.


How does Nurses International choose strategic partners?


Nurses International chooses strategic partners based on several factors:

  • the need of the geographical area in question,
  • the capacity of the partner to provide infrastructure and conduct day to day operations of a nursing program and
  • the partner’s philosophy of transformational community development.

Addition considerations include the partner’s relationships with the surrounding communities and with leadership at the community, regional, and national levels. Our strategic partners are of like faith and share our philosophy of ministry. See our statement of faith page for more details.

What is Transformational Community Development, and why is Nurses International involved in it?


For people to truly flourish, Nurses International believes that the individual, as well as the community must reach a certain level of well-being. Health and well-being are obtained not only by an absence of active disease, but also through the presence of nutritious and adequate food, sanitation, regular income, just work environments, shelter, safety,  friendship, and an abiding sense of connection with God.

When we work with a strategic partner to add a new nursing program in an area where suffering is present, it then becomes the role of the nurse to work with the individual and the community as a whole to identify areas of strengths and areas of needs and then to work together to enhance strengths, while planning together to address needs and resolve problems.

The nurses enrolled in programs conducted by a strategic partner receive training in theology, missiology, leadership, management, community development, public health as well as nursing. The goal is to insert change-agents within suffering communities and to give them the training and support that they need to make a difference in the clinic, hospital, parish, and the wider community.


Is this a fully online opportunity? Will I be expected to travel?


This is a fully online opportunity. Our biggest need is for online content creation of courses. You can do this at your convenience anywhere in the world with an intermittent internet connection.

Do you have opportunities for travel?


Yes! We have team building weekends, but they are truly optional. Not everyone is able to come each time, and some volunteers may not ever be able to attend.  We also try to attend the same conferences for continuing education opportunities combined with team building opportunities. Our next conference is in Kenya this coming spring. We hope to have more details soon.

We also take planned trips to teach the clinical components of the curriculum when we are capacity building with a strategic partner. During these trips faculty will train students and some faculty will train potential field/clinical instructors.

How will Nurses International accomplish its goals?


Nurses International’s programming is divided into two pilots. The first pilot program is the Technology and Content Pilot. In this pilot Nurses International will invite institutions to utilize their content and technology. Several nursing programs around the world are waiting for the content. Faculty members are working to develop the content and it will be uploaded, as soon as it is ready to be used. All of our supporters will receive an email when our first class is ready to be sampled.

The second pilot project is the Community Development Pilot. In this pilot Nurses International will work with strategic partners to add new nursing programs to their existing institutions. Students will be drawn from surrounding communities who wish to participate in Transformational Community Development. Both the students and their communities are involved in this process throughout the program.

I’ve decided I want to help. What is the next step?


Send your resume or curriculum vitae along with 2 references (we prefer one academic and one professional) and copies of any relevant active licenses to miriamchickering@nursesinternational.org 

I have a doctoral degree in nursing. How can I help?


We need PhD and DNP prepared nurses to teach graduate and post graduate courses and perform course and curriculum reviews. There are opportunities to serve as consultants, nurse’s council members, mentors for other faculty members and so much more.

I have an associate’s degree or a diploma in nursing. Can I help?


Absolutely! Our first and second year students need tutors and mentors. Depending on your background and experience there may be other opportunities available to you as well.

I have a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Can I help?


We need BSN prepared nurses to assist our MSN and PhD level faculty with their online classes. BSN prepared nurses can also act as nurse tutors and mentors to our undergraduate students. Depending on experience, some BSN prepared nurses can travel to location and assist faculty as they provide clinical instruction.

I have a master’s degree in nursing. Can I help?


Yes! We need MSN prepared nurses to teach our undergraduate courses. We have other opportunities available such as acting as a tutor/mentor to graduate students and there are even opportunities to travel to location to train local nurses as clinical nurse instructors and work directly with students.

I have a master’s or doctoral degree in a field other than nursing. Can I help?


Yes! Depending on your background and experience we can very likely find a place for you. We offer a wide variety of courses and we specifically need classes in community development, leadership, management, public health, and the sciences.

I have another skill set not mentioned in the previous questions. Can I help?


We need many different kinds of skill sets to carry out our mission. Contact miriamchickering@nursesinternational.org with your resume.

I am a lay person. Can I help?


Yes! Our truly biggest need is prayer support. We are a faith-based organization, and we believe in the power of prayer. Sign up for our newsletter to get our prayer requests on a regular basis.

How much will this cost?


Thankfully, Nurses International has received the needed funds to begin the Technology and Content Pilot. We have obtained an online learning management system and the authoring tools needed to create and upload all content.

To complete this pilot each receiving institution will need a sponsor(s). For about $3,500 USD a sponsor can provide a nursing program with a nurse consultant to evaluate the strengths and needs of the program AND a projector, laptop, solar panels, and other necessary equipment to run the classroom without electricity or internet access. Some nursing programs already have the needed materials, and they will be able to access and use our content without a sponsor.

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