What is Transformational Community Development, and why is Nurses International involved in it?


For people to truly flourish, Nurses International believes that the individual, as well as the community must reach a certain level of well-being. Health and well-being are obtained not only by an absence of active disease, but also through the presence of nutritious and adequate food, sanitation, regular income, just work environments, shelter, safety,  friendship, and an abiding sense of connection with God.

When we work with a strategic partner to add a new nursing program in an area where suffering is present, it then becomes the role of the nurse to work with the individual and the community as a whole to identify areas of strengths and areas of needs and then to work together to enhance strengths, while planning together to address needs and resolve problems.

The nurses enrolled in programs conducted by a strategic partner receive training in theology, missiology, leadership, management, community development, public health as well as nursing. The goal is to insert change-agents within suffering communities and to give them the training and support that they need to make a difference in the clinic, hospital, parish, and the wider community.


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